A Typical Busy Day

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Many times when friends asked me, why didn’t you return my call? Are you that busy? I would tell them, “Yes, I am busy but I don’t remember what I did.” So today, I want jot down a typical day (not everyday but almost, except for food photography) schedule.

6:45am: Woke up.
7:00am: Turned on the washer to wash laundry. Prepared breakfast for myself and my son.
7:10am: Wake my son up. While I continue to prepare breakfast.
7:20am: Wake my son up second time. Online while having breakfast.
7:30am: Prepared son’s lunch and pack it up.
7:40am: Changed for the day.
7:50am: Getting ready to leave the house to go to school in the car.
8:00am: Dropped off son at school.
8:10am: Finished up laundry – hang dry. We have a dryer but we don’t use it if there’s sun. Natural way to dry clothes.
8:30am: Prepared to leave the house to meet friends at the lake.
8:45am: Arrived at the lake and start walking with 2 friends.
9:35am: Finished the walk. Walked
9:45am: Met up with a few Chinese moms from son’s school at one of their home.
11:00am: Went to Costco for shopping.
11:35am: Went to Sprouts and Albertsons for grocery.
12:10pm: Back home, prepare dishes for food photography.
12:30pm: Start food photography, prepare and shoot for almost every step.
1:30pm: Get ready to pick up son from school.
1:50pm: Back from pick up.
2:00pm: Cook the dish, set up and prepare to take the final pictures.
3:00pm: Prepare snack for son and my lunch (an apple). I’ve been munching on the food I was cooking too.
3:20pm: Clean up the dishes from breakfast and the food shooting.
3:45pm: Finished folding dumplings for dinner (leftover from the photo shoot).
4:00pm: Start preparing rice, vegetables and scallops for dinner.
4:30pm: Start to cook dinner while my son helped to collect laundry.
5:00pm: Eat dinner.
5:30pm: Look at the pictures I took and went online for a bit.
6:00pm: Wash dishes from dinner.
6:30pm: Picked and edited some pictures from the photo shoot.
7:00pm: Finally, get to sit down to type this out.


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