Hello! My name is Anna Kee and I am a real person! I am a mom, a wife and a blogger.

Born and raised in Malaysia, I flew to Southern California, United States in summer of 1996 to further my undergraduate study. In 1999, I graduated from Whittier College with a B.A. in Chemistry. A few months after that, I married my husband and settled down in Gardena, in Los Angeles County.

In 2003, I passed my real estate exam and have been a Realtor since then. I love my job to assist my clients and friends to successfully find a place to call their own. As this job requires a lot of travel and weekend hours, I was only able to be passively involved in the early years after my son was born. I do not believe to have my son sent to daycare while he is growing up, thus I stayed home and became a full time stay-at-home-mom.

I love to travel and I am glad to have the chance to travel almost on a yearly basis to visit my family members in Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and China. I enjoy cooking for friends and families, and sharing recipes with anyone who requested. I am also learning more about photography because I just love to capture the special moments in picture. There was countless time that I was assigned as the ‘unofficial’ photographer for an event.

From my son’s school and other mommy groups, I have eventually met with many stay-at-home-moms. I think all these women are very capable and their main goal is to provide a warm and comfortable home for their families. But I think they can do more than that.

Every mom knows that by the time their kids are going to college, the tuition fee may be sky rocket high. So what if I can help them and teach them how to earn a little extra money on their free time to provide additional saving for their kids college fund? Or they can use this extra money for travel, me-time at a nice spa, or even for that very nice pair of high heel she saw in the mall? All moms deserve to pamper themselves once a while.

That is why I started this internet marketing business.



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