Homemade Malaysian Style “Bak Kwah” Pork Jerky

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This past Monday, a few Malaysian ladies gathered together at a friend's house for a Homemade Malaysian Style "Bak Kwah" Pork Jerky cookout. I shared with them how to make this delicious Malaysian delicacy. We bought 15 pounds of ground pork. That's a lot of meat but we just wanted to make sure we have ...

Malaysian Style Lou Sang Salad

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Several Malaysian girlfriends in Irvine got together to learn how to make Malaysian Style Lou Sang Salad (Sweet and Sour Tossed Chinese New Year Salad) to celebrate our 2014 Horse Lunar New Year. Please do not mistaken, this dish didn't come from China. But instead, this dish is only popular in the South East Asia ...

How to Boil Asian Yali Pear Soup

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I learned to make this soup from my Mother-in-law. She's from Macau and she knows how to many a lot of different types of soup. Yali Pear is only available during the winter time. I haven't seen them available at the Asian grocery market during the summer time. You can also called this soup the ...

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