Plums Café and Catering

Plums Café and Catering, located on the 17th Street in Costa Mesa, is one of the must try breakfast cafe you have to visit.  My friend had said good things about this place to me.  I knew about this place about this time last year, but we didn’t get to try it until today.

Plums Café and Catering
When you drive into the parking area of the plaza, you may not immediately notice the restaurant as it is situated by a corner.  We arrived after 12pm and the parking lot was full.  There was a line but it was only 5-15 minutes wait.  They serve the brunch menu on the weekend from 8am to 3pm.

There are indoor and outdoor seating.  When putting down my name, I was not given a choice but I guess you could ask if you have any preference.  We were placed at their patio area, which provides perfect natural light for my food photography.

Here were the items we had.

Plums Café and Catering
The above is the Crunchy Albacore Tuna Sandwich served with bistro green ($12.50). On the menu, it says that they use flaked wild planet albacore tuna which mixed with cilantro dressing and sandwiched between two slices of organic nine grain toast. The taste of the cilantro dressing wasn’t too overwhelming. I like it.

Plums Café and Catering
This is Chocolate Cocoa Banana Waffle ($15). Drizzled with salty caramel and topped with Oregon Hazelnuts, banana and fresh whipping cream. This waffle is so soft and taste so heavenly. I like how the salty caramel compliment the sweetness of the chocolate waffle and banana.

Plums Café and Catering
This is the Coconut French Toast served with fresh strawberries, papaya and banana ($16), one of the must try dish. You must spread the orange butter and drizzle some maple syrup that came with it. It is not typical french toast. The french toasts were coated with coconut flakes, giving it a slight crunch when you bit on it. I found the crust of the toast slightly too hard and chewy. I saw another customer having the same dish but she cut out all the crusts before enjoying the french toast.

The total of our bill was $53.xx, my husband ordered a side of two strips Oregon pepper bacon ($2.75) and a ginger peach ice tea ($5).


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