Temecula Blueberry Farm

Temecula Blueberry Farm
Visiting the Temecula Berry Company to pick blueberries has been one of our yearly events. Due to the warm weather in spring this year, they opened the farm to the public early for blueberry picking. For the past two years we’ve been there, the farm was opened end of May. But this year, they opened early in May.

Temecula Blueberry Farm
My parent-in-laws joined us on trips like this to spend more time with their grandson. They enjoy visiting the farm, so do we.

Temecula Blueberry Farm
It is about an hour drive from my home to the farm. It is usually a smooth car ride going there.  But on the returning trip, we will for sure hit the traffic, especially at where the 15 freeway meets 91 freeway.

The farm is located about 15 minutes off the 15 freeway. It is very easy to find. I have included their address at the end of this post.

For us, we usually exit on Winchester heading north, and then make a right turn into Nicolas Road. Although the road name will change into Girasol and then to Chapos and then to Cantrell, it is the same road. Just follow the road until you see the sign for the blueberry farm. Make a left turn and over the hill. The farm may not be visible from the street until you drive over the little hill.

They are opened 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. They even opened on Mother’s Day, which was the day we picked to visit the farm. We arrived early at 9am to avoid the crowd and it was perfect as the crowd was coming in as we were leaving the farm at 10:30am.

Temecula Blueberry Farm
Once you enter the farm, you take a small bucket with you. There are rows and rows of blueberry plants. You may not need to walk through all the rows in the farm, just pick one or two to begin and you will find plenty of blueberries for you to pick.  Usually the farther away from the barn, the more blueberries you will find.

The blueberry plants are very low, perfect for youngsters to experience picking their own blueberries. Although, you may have to keep reminding them to only pick those blueberries which are dark blue and not those green or purple ones.

Temecula Blueberry Farm
I always love to challenge my son to pick the biggest blueberries. Here are some really giant ones you see on my palms.

Temecula Blueberry Farm
A pint of blueberries is $5. They only accept cash or check. This year we bought 5 pints of blueberries. At the cashier, you can find other blueberry’s products too – blueberry jam, raw honey and blueberry bread.

Temecula Blueberry Farm
Some tips if you are planning to visit the farm.

1. Go early to avoid the hot sun. Or go later in the evening.
2. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Put on some sunscreen.
3. Look inside the bush or lift up some branches, sometimes you will find the bigger blueberries hiding there.

Temecula Berry Company
39700 Cantrell Rd
Temecula CA 92591

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  • faye whitmam
    November 20, 2015

    Please email me when the blueberries picking season starts. Thank you.

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